Hogwarts House Recommendations: Ravenclaw

Here's the thing about Ravenclaws: it's not just that they're intelligent - this house is not solely focused on being smart. It's about learning as a lifestyle. It's about living curiously. It's about finding comfort in things that you don't quite understand. So here's a few books that I believe I enjoyed because of my inherent Ravenclaw-ness.


If You Liked: The Great Gatsby

Are you ready for my dirty little secret? I hated The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. #sorrynotsorry I acknowledge and appreciate its cultural influence, its significance, the artistry of the prose...but 0/10 did not enjoy, will not read again. However, if you did enjoy The Great Gatsby, and you are looking for other books that …

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Where Do I Begin || William Shakespeare

Ah, the Bard. Willy Shakes, as I like to call him (blasphemous, I know). Lauded as a genius, hated by thousands of high school English literature students, his best-known works misunderstood due to erroneous pop-culture references the world over (Taylor Swift, I'm looking at you). I love Shakespeare. This should not be surprising: I have …

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Nasty Women – Recommendations

Some of my favourite stories are ones centred around strong female protagonists. These women are not necessarily your traditional "strong female characters". Some are, but some are strong in an unconventional sense. If you're looking for a book that will inspire you to be a better, stronger person, look no further: Emma by Jane Austen …

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