My Dream Reading Nook

This post was created in collaboration with Arhaus

I don’t know about you, but I have a dream reading nook. A place that only exists in my mind, where the lighting is perfect (not so bright that I need sunglasses because of the white pages of my novel, but still bright enough that my eyes don’t strain), the temperature is ideal (I’m not sweating while I’m just sitting there, but I’m not shivering), and there’s just enough ambient noise.

Indoor Inspo.png

1. idealista|2. l-e-a-b-o|3. seasonsofwinterberry|3. interior_spiration

These are the kinds of indoor reading nooks I would love to have in my home. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with this:


I mean, it’s perfectly functional, but it leaves a little something to be desired. So I’ve picked out some pieces that I think would be just perfect in an indoor reading nook (particularly mine — dare to dream!). Imagine yourself situated by a window, sun streaming in through the leaves of the tree just outside, perhaps you can hear one lone bird singing its song.


I mean, I know that the Lena upholstered chair paired with the Vintage Rose wallpaper might be a bit much, but the wallpaper could totally go on an accent wall. Or you could just keep the walls white. Or go with the wallpaper and have that super cozy Perry upholstered chair. And I’ve wanted a bookshelf with a ladder ever since I watched the animated Beauty and the Beast – hence the Colton library. Still, the Etta bookcase would look so gorgeous in any room – especially with those tricoloured wooden vases making an appearance. And maybe the most important component of a successful reading nook (besides a chair and a book, of course) is a table to hold your extensive TBR pile and your mug of Earl Grey. I’m a particular fan of this Louise tea table, but there are several larger tables from Arhaus that I’m in love with…there’s too many to choose from!

My real dream reading nook, however, is an outdoor one. I’m obviously delusional, because I only get maybe 3 full months of outdoor reading weather, but I am a sucker for a beautiful outdoor reading spot. Like so

Outdoor Inspo.png

1. hibiscusroom| 2. remetea-matcha

Here are my actual backyard reading spots: a couple of adirondack chairs that I move around depending on how sunny it is, and a few glass endtables to put my water.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would really love, though, to be able to put at least a few of these pieces in my backyard.


Is not this Hamptons daybed the dream? (Pun unintended but never regretted.) It’s so gorgeous, and I can see myself reading there forever. I mean, you’ve got the option to be shielded from the sun and/or the breeze if that’s what you want, but you can also open up the curtains and let the elements do what they will. It’s perfect. And the Manhattan lounge chair with the Bourdeaux end table right next to it would be pretty perfect on the balcony. Or this copper verdigris table top — I love that since it already looks distressed, it totally fits outside (under a canopy, of course). And really, if you’ve never read *cough* slept *cough* in a hammock before, you’re seriously missing out. You should make it your mission to do so.

Am I the only person who dreams about the perfect reading nook? What kind of things are in your ideal reading spot? Are you an inside or an outside reader?

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