Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong
Cainsville #3
Received: Library
Publication Date: August 18, 2015
Publisher: Random House
2/5 stars

This series has been such a disappointment to me. I loved the first novel. Loved loved loved it. And I was so excited when the second novel came out. And I was slightly disappointed. It was alright, nowhere near as good as the first, but I figured it was a sophomore slump kind of a deal. And then I read this book.

The narration keeps flipping between first person and third person, so that everything is either from Olivia’s perspective or narrated from the outside. This on its own can be frustrating, because the constant switching from first to third person can be a little jarring. But it was so much more frustrating, because I felt like it wasn’t done well. I didn’t feel like having Olivia’s voice gave me anymore insight than the third person narration did for the other characters. So then I would get angry every time that I was pulled out of the story because I noticed the narration switch.

I also found the plots frustrating. And no, that is not a spelling error. I am talking about multiple plots. Which is the problem. There is so much going on in this novel, and I could not focus on getting answers to any of the questions that were being raised in the story because so many things kept getting introduced. So much so, that when mysteries began to be solved and questions began to be answered, I just did not care anymore. I did not receive any satisfaction from those answers, because I was no longer invested in the questions.

This book felt like a 90 minute movie adaptation of an 800 page novel – way too much going on with way too little actual development.


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