All I Know Now – Carrie Hope Fletcher

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All I Know NowCarrie Hope Fletcher
4.5/5 stars
Received: Library
Division 4
Publication Date: April 1, 2015
Publisher: The Experiment
Non-Fiction (Advice)

I just finished Carrie Hope Fletcher’s advice book All I Know Now, and I have to say that I loVED IT! For those of you who have never heard of Carrie, she is quite the creative force. Not only is she an author (All I Know Now is her first book, and she’s currently writing her first fiction novel, On The Other Side), but she also has a YouTube channel with over 300 000 subscribers, and is currently playing Eponine in Les Miserables on the West End. She is also only 23 years old. (Don’t feel bad if your jaw just dropped a little bit. Mine does whenever I think about her.)

This book is completely adorable. It is separated into acts and scenes, there’s an intermission and a props section at the back (because she’s a theatre performer! SO CUTE), as well as several “doodles” by the author throughout.  This helped to contribute to Carrie’s claim throughout the novel that her advice is not that of a professional, she is simply a human who has experienced some things. That being said, her advice is really solid. Nearly every piece of advice is set up in the format of “Hey, I’m not a professional, but here’s the situation that happened to me, here’s the lesson that I took away from it, and here’s how I’ve tried to change because of that.” Carrie is not only giving advice in this book, but she’s also teaching her readers how to learn from their own experiences.

Her voice throughout was incredibly strong. I have been a fan of her YouTube videos for quite some time now, and I could literally hear Carrie’s voice in my head when I was reading. Which meant that there were some particularly British phrases that took me some time to figure out (bugbears = pet peeves? Who knew? Not me!), but it wasn’t alienating by any means.

Carrie has such a beautiful way of interpreting human nature. Her chapter about “soul shrapnel” spoke straight to my heart and almost brought me to tears.

I did feel like the book kind of dragged on at the end, but that might just have been me being tired and impatient. It also could have been due to the fact that I approached reading this book like a novel, rather than taking in smaller chunks over a longer period of time.

Do I recommend this book? 100% yes.


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