Heidi – Johanna Spyri

Fotor_144150851234464Heidi by Johanna Spyri

4/5 stars
Received: Gift
Publication Date: December 4, 2014 (originally 1880)
Publisher: Puffin Classics
Division 2 and up

I quite enjoyed this novel. I actually thought that I had never read Heidi before, but as I was reading the book, all of the major plot points felt very familiar (about halfway through I realised that I read an abridged version when I was about 8 or 9). What really drew me to this book, though, was the cover. Can we talk about this cover? Please? It is gorgeous. And I’m totally fine with judging a book by its cover, because curb appeal like this means that I have to have it on my bookshelf.

Johanna Spyri’s classic is known for its beautiful descriptions of the Swiss Alps where Heidi and her grandfather live, and I was not disappointed. The entire time that I was reading this book, I just wanted to book a flight to Switzerland so that I could spend a month on the side of a mountain hanging out with the goats. Being able to experience the sunsets and the pastures through Heidi’s curious gaze was so soothing. I wouldn’t say that this is an exciting book, per se, but it is definitely a feel-good book. And it’s not like the writing drags on and on with little to no plot.

I found the characters fairly one-dimensional (Heidi is curious, Clara is sweet, Peter is slow and selfish, you get the picture). The only dynamic character is Grandfather, which keeps the stakes fairly low throughout the course of the book.
This was definitely a light hearted, fluffy read, with a low stakes plot and low intensity conflict. That being said, I was successfully transported (mentally, that is) to the picturesque pastoral Swiss Alps, and it was a quick and easy read.


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